What are the landforms and environmental features of the state?

  Oregon is a state divided by mountains. The Cascade Mountains stretch across the entire north/south length of Oregon, producing areas with two entirely different climates.  West of the Cascades, a mild, moist marine climate prevails, while east of the Cascades, Oregon's high desert country can be scorching hot or really cold.  In between the Cascades and the coast, the Coast Range defines the lush growing land of the Willamette Valley from the marine coast area.
1. Oregon has 96,002 square miles of land
2. The state's water area covers 1,129 square mile.
3. The Snake River covers about one-half of the eastern border of the state.
It's covered with fertilized land, many trees, a couple of rivers, and some hot land.
4. The Pacific Ocean is the state's western border.
5. On the coastal mountain range the average rainfall in certain areas is 120 plus inches.  In the far eastern section of the state, 6-8 inches of annual rainfall is normal
6. Douglas-fern trees live around Oregon